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Access Control To Safeguard Properties In Nottingham

An access control system provides a simple and effective way to deter intruders, allowing entry only to those with authorisation. At 24-7 Secure Systems Ltd, we offer options such as a basic door entry system, biometrics, PIN keypads or a comprehensive electronic system for efficient staff management in a commercial or domestic setting.

In commercial premises, our solutions enable you to monitor employee movements, generate attendance reports, and ensure punctuality. Access control systems also effectively restrict outsiders from accessing specific areas within the domestic house or building. Furthermore, we provide guidance on general DIY for installing new intercom systems connected with alarm systems and CCTV in your property. Whether you prefer a basic card system or advanced fingerprint recognition, we have the solution. Contact us now to implement an access control system in Nottingham or the surrounding areas. Choose from a range of access control systems to enhance the security of your property.

Our Modern Access Control Systems

Control Who Can Access Your Premises

Entry system

Entry Systems

Monitor your business or domestic property effortlessly with our premium access control solutions. Our offerings include biometric devices, PIN keypads, wireless door entry, swipe cards, and access cards. These systems empower you to regulate building access and safeguard your staff and property. Simultaneously, it eliminates the risk of opportunistic theft, enhancing overall office security.

Intercom system

Intercom Systems

Enhance your home security by upgrading to our general installation of intercom systems. We handle the installation and maintenance of your intercoms and offer remote guidance for DIY installation. Intercoms provide crucial two-way communication before granting entry, offering essential functionality for delivery services and vehicle entrances to your premises.

Our Testimonials

800l Repair

He arrived at the time stated. He solved the problem despite the age of the system. Good personality. I am happy with him.

Get In Touch With 24-7 Secure Systems Ltd On 07377 266275 To Upgrade Your Access Control Systems.

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